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ETH Library Lab strives to advance information infrastructure and services for science, research and education. By boosting related ideas, practices and strategies, the initiative contributes to future scientific work environments.

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Learn more about how you can take part to make a change with your talent. We welcome applicants from across disciplines and professional levels.


What we focus on


Identifying trends with the potential to reshape scientific information infrastructure and services.

Initiating interdisciplinary exchange to adapt solutions to the changing user needs.

Connecting talents with bold ideas to supporters for their innovative journey.

Bringing ideas to life to accelerate innovation processes within the library environment.

Team up for Innovation

The ETH Library Lab is a hub for multidisciplinary exchange and collaboration. We partner with individuals and organizations on the same mission: creating solutions for the sake of science.

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Employing Label-Hierarchy to Improve Image Classification
Image classification is one of the most widely tackled tasks in the field of computer vision. It involves predicting one or more relevant labels for a given image. Generally, when performing classification, the various labels are assumed to be independent of each other, which often is not the case and could mean that classification models are missing out on significant improvements in performance. We show how taking into consideration label interactions helps to improve arbitrary image classification models. We turn the research findings into something that can be applied directly at biodiversity collections and libraries. The general nature of the proposed approach makes it a good fit to create and improve a vast variety of data-centred applications. Read on
Is it possible for an artist to respond to the current state of scientific research and manifest it artistically? This is one of the questions that I have been repeatedly asked while working on my project Beneath the Sea. I will give my answer to this question straightaway: “Yes, I believe this is possible!”. It all starts with finding and building a community dedicated to working towards a shared purpose – for instance, the purpose of meaningfully contributing towards coral reef rehabilitation. Read on
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