Advancing scientific information services

As an innovation initiative, ETH Library Lab acts to contribute to scientific work environments of the future.

Lib4Science Fellowships are at the core of the inititative. Talents and leaders aiming to develop novel ideas, services or strategies related to the scientific information cycle are invited to apply.

Lib4Science Fellowships are open to talents from across disciplines and professional levels. The programme provides funding, mentoring and hands-on training in human-centered innovation.  

The activities of the Lab focus on four areas.


We identify trends potentially leading to new approaches towards scientific information services.

We initiate interdisciplinary exchange for a better understanding of how to adapt information solutions to fast changing user needs.

We connect talents with bold ideas to experts and doers who support them on their innovation journey.

We assist in bringing ideas to life in order to accelerate innovation processes within the library environment.

To make innovation happen, the Lab facilitates multidisciplinary exchange and collaboration. It partners with individuals and organizations that share the commitment towards developing solutions in service to the scientific good.

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