Our Goal: the Free Flow of Scientific Data, Information and Knowledge

Passion for Knowledge – Our mission is to help students, researchers and educators to unleash their full potential by boosting ideas that support them in discovering, accessing, using or sharing scientific information and knowledge.

Why? The progress of science and technology also influences scientific work environments itself. Novel applications, tools and practices accelerate the pace of achieving research findings. Concurrently scientific data and information cycles are turning increasingly complex. According to these new circumstances and needs, the Lab is dedicated to creating relevant information infrastructure and suitable services.

How? Within this context, ETH Library Lab contributes to building and redesigning information infrastructure and services in a way that brings scientific data and information resources to broader and more efficient use. On one hand it promotes ideas and projects that empower user autonomy, foster open exchange and help to release students, researcher and educators from routine workflows and repetition. On the other hand, it explores new approaches towards serving scientific communities, companies in research & development and people interested in technology and science.

Open-minded Philosophy – The Lab seeks to advance tools, systems, practices and services led by six principles.

Openness making data, information and knowledge openly accessible, shareable and reusable

Diversity serving different types of users, needs and expectations

Inclusion supporting users regardless of (dis-) abilities or backgrounds

Simplicity bringing complex systems to simple use

Sustainability building lasting solutions

Credibility spreading trusted and validated content

It’s All in the Roots – The ETH Library Lab is a joint initiative of ETH Library and the Library of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). It started its operations in the middle of 2018.


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