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Is it possible for an artist to respond to the current state of scientific research and manifest it artistically? This is one of the questions that I have been repeatedly asked while working on my project Beneath the Sea. I will give my answer to this question straightaway: “Yes, I believe this is possible!”. It all starts with finding and building a community dedicated to working towards a shared purpose – for instance, the purpose of meaningfully contributing towards coral reef rehabilitation. Read on
In the second part of a series of three articles, I will give an overview of the digital fabrication and additive manufacturing work environment. Sharing the most important steps in my learning process may help others to acquire similar knowledge and put it into practice more easily. I also describe how my explorations in 3D clay printing led me to create an accessible model collection for the Material-Archiv at ZHdK. Read on
Since March 2019, the ETH Library Lab Innovator Fellowship has given me the opportunity to advance my research on an already existing project called Beneath the Sea, a new Form of Reef. Throughout three articles, we will discover how I am evolving in an interdisciplinary structure, where knowledge flows from different sources. Read on

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