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The Feed4org app attempts to advance the scientific ecosystem by improving how feedback flows to and within the ETH Library. It is a fellowship project of the ETH Library Lab, and aims to contribute to the broader movement of transformative science. Read on
Strategic Foresight
Predicting the future – along with building a perpetual motion machine, the quadrature of the circle, or finding a cup of good coffee in the university cafeteria – is one of the unsolved mysteries that have been bothering scientists over centuries. While most have given up on the latter three, a method called strategic foresight offers a serious scientific approach to the challenge of predicting the future, or at least limiting the possibilities to a set of plausible scenarios that organizations can prepare for. Read on
Pizzo Rotondo, Saint Gotthard Massif (Ticino/CH, image: Marco Lurati)
Have you ever wondered where your drinking water comes from when you open the faucet? Or who actually built the mountain pass that you drive on, when travelling from Zurich to Milan? These are just two examples for parts of our physical environment, which are in different ways essential for the functioning of our societies and economy. But it is not just the physical infrastructure, it is also the information infrastructure that enables our daily lives. Especially in education and research, electronic resources, digital tools and novel technologies have profoundly altered the way and the speed at which we acquire and share our knowledge. However, this infrastructure goes vastly unnoticed by most of us. Read on

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