Contributors of the ETH Library Lab

Creating Change is Team Work

Current Innovator Fellows at the Lab – Our bright minds working on bold projects.

The Thinkers behind – The Managing Director and Program Coordinator are responsible for building ETH Library Lab and leading its activities. The Advisory Board gives strategic advice and selects the Innovator Fellows.

Scientific Committee – International experts, who represent focal areas of the Lab, provide scientific guidance and external perspectives on its activities. Also, they give advice on the future developments of research.

Competent Mentors – Leading researchers and/or business professionals with long-standing experience accompany you on your project journey as an Innovator Fellow.

Expert Advisors – As an Innovator Fellow, academic specialists and professional practitioners from fitting fields individually support you with their in-depth knowledge.

Powerful Partners – Renown organizations equip you as an Innovator Fellow with insights or methods, so that you can bring your idea to life.

Spark Labs

Spark Labs is part of the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management under Prof. Stefano Brusoni. Its aim is to develop research findings at the chair (about innovation and learning) into tools for teaching, coaching and mentoring innovators. It focuses on advancing human-centered innovation through education, industry outreach and applied research on technical change, innovation and creativity. As an independent unit it is completely self-founded. Its human-centered approach to innovation is well suited for finding solutions to real-life problems driven by the needs of the human user or customer.


ETH Entrepreneur Club

ETH Entrepreneur Club is a student initiative aiming to bring entrepreneurial-minded people together and to foster entrepreneurship among students. Through startup events and their community, they provide a platform to develop ideas, build startups and exchange experience. Since 2017, they are also running INCUBE, a four day program that gives participants the opportunity to experience the entrepreneurial journey from problem finding, ideation, prototyping to pitching, all while enclosed in glass cubes.


ETH Library

ETH Library is the largest public natural scientific and technical library in Switzerland and has a major influence on technical developments in Swiss libraries in general. It offers a broad range of applications, systems, platforms and services tailored to the needs of scientific communities. The biggest asset of ETH Library are its numerous experts with long-standing experience in fields such as  scholarly publishing, research data management, open access and open data, information systems & retrieval or cultural heritage preservation.


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