Dynamic Digital Data Logger for Citizen Science

An open, collaborative knowledge base, data collection platform, & app for use across different scientific disciplines and user scenarios

Syncing science, learning, and societal needs (guided by the UN’s SDGs), communities and individuals can collect data and observations (in real time and in their natural environments) to dramatically improve the consistency, accessibility and efficiency of widespread research data efforts. This can potentially contribute to lasting milestones in citizen science and scientific citizenship in the sphere of mental health and beyond.

Can libraries be reframed as centers for Citizen Science and scientific/social innovation? And can communities be empowered by open digital infrastructures for the same?

This project aims at building an inclusive open digital library ecosystem that unites scientists, stakeholders from different disciplines, and the citizens/public alike for open collaborative science that spans geographic, cultural and disciplinary borders syncing learning, science and societal needs. To this end will be deployed :

A general purpose data collection platform & app (MindLogger) for use across different scientific disciplines, citizen science and user scenarios, with a first use case implementation in mental health.

Using this platform, anyone (without prior programming or design experience) can configure their own customized mobile apps (iOS and Android). This capability could complement/replace current classic methodologies for building and administering digital assessments (surveys, quizzes, diaries and cognitive tasks) via varied user response methods (survey lists, slider bars, images, audio etc.).

Creating, Collecting and Sharing Insights (image credit: A.Krishnakumar, original: A. Klein)


A public library of open content to select or edit activities, assessments, scientific guides and resources would be made available for users to choose from. The platform will also be linked to data analysis and feedback mechanisms to complete the virtuous cycle whereby citizens can actively participate in different stages of the research process from defining the hypotheses to drawing insights from their own data.

(header image credit: A.Klein)

Project Duration

1. October 2020 – 30. June 2021


Remote Digital Psychiatry: MindLogger for Mobile Mental Health Assessment and Therapy



Managing Director, Citizen Science Center Zurich, CH

Dr Rosy Mondardini

Through the CC-CS, Rosy provides support on the digital project infrastructure, knowledge & tools (including one for crowdsourcing data analysis) and community management.


Director of Research, CRI Paris, FR

Dr Ariel Lindner

Ariel provides support on facilitating the transition from closed scientific enquiry to more open community-driven models through inclusive methodologies and provides support and resources for the MindLogger project.


Director, MATTER Lab, Child Mind Institute, NY, USA

Dr Arno Klein

Arno Klein and his team founded, and lead research and development efforts for the MindLogger project. Their goal is to leverage open source technologies for use in mental health research, education and citizen science.


Co-Founder Open Humans & Research Fellow, CRI Paris, FR

Dr Bastian Greshake Tzovoras

Bastian is exploring ways of integrating the MindLogger app with the Open Humans platform with regard to data storage, analysis and community forum capabilities.



Project Owner

Anirudh Krishnakumar

Ph.D. Neuroscience, Université de Paris

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